Louis Icart

Phyllis Elliott began buying the works of Louis Icart over 25 years ago and to date is considered to be the world expert on his works. She recognized the unique style and special technique that Louis Icart used for his dry point etchings and oil paintings and in 1974 she had the first major exhibition in New York of Icarts works.

Icart, born in France, rose to early fame for his stylized women languishing in gardens with exotic Russian Wolfhounds, Borzoi dogs or other animals. He would capture movement on paper or canvas that no other artist of his time and genre was able to. These Icart women would be grandly dressed and perfectly accessorized; they would capture the hearts of all in Europe and America.

His career initially began as a fashion illustrator and as time progressed his style changed to reflect what was going on in the world. One could see the heaviness and struggle in his works done during World War I which would change to frivolity and romance during the 1920's and 30's. His works were hand signed bearing his windmill dry stamp L.I. in the corner. Many of his etchings are of nude women and are amongst the most widely sought after by collectors today. His women were imaginative, bold, provocative, carefree and feminine. Icart adored women as is evident in the mastery of his etchings. He created over 500 different etchings during his lifetime as well as hundreds of oil paintings.

Phyllis Elliott, often called "The Icart Lady" can assist you in finding the
Icart etching or painting for your collection.