Jules Cheret
May 31, 1836 - September 23, 1932

Jules Cheret revolutionized printing when he invented the process of color lithography, wherein the image was drawn on the stone and each color was separately inked and printed,Jules Cheret Portrait enabling the artwork to exude an array of passionate colors in harmony. This had an enormous impact on advertising. The streets were ablaze with posters attached to walls and kiosks advertising La Goulue, Aristide Bruant, Loie Fuller, Mlle. Eglantine, May Milton, Jane Avril as well as periodicals, products and revues.

While doing these posters Jules Cheret executed numerous pastels and watercolors. His ‘Cherettes’, the lovely and lively women who could be seen dancing, playing cymbals or mandolins, dressed in the fashion of the day were a popular subject. His ability to strike a balance between the reality and fantasy of colors was unsurpassed, and to this day Jules Cheret is considered the “Master of Lithography.”

For more information on the artist follow the link to Cheret.info